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10 CSS properties that ‘were’ impossible to implement in IE6

This post is about 10 commonly used css properties that were impossible to implement in IE6. While redesigning ProductiveDreams, I came across a few css compatibility issues with IE6 and had to spend hours searching the solution for each issue. […]

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25 Inspiring Examples of Sign-Up Pages

A well developed and organized sign-up page has to relay a large quantity of data in a small area and must be quick and easy to read and understand. Overly creative plan names are more likely to hurt your sign-up […]

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10 Handy WordPress Comments Hacks

Comments sections are neglected on many blogs. That is definitely a bad thing, because comments represent interaction between you and your readers. In this article, we’ll have a look at 10 great tips and hacks to enhance your blog’s comments […]

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50 New CSS Techniques For Your Next Web Design

CSS is almost certainly one of the best developments in web design since the first graphical web browsers were adopted on a wide scale. Where tables created clunky, slow-loading pages, CSS created much more streamlined and usable web pages. Plus, […]

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HTML5 and The Future of the Web

Some have embraced it, some have discarded it as too far in the future, and some have abandoned a misused friend in favor of an old flame in preparation. Whatever side of the debate you’re on, you’ve most likely heard […]

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Free Flash Photo Gallery from FlashMint

Free XML Flash Photo Gallery is a Flash application that allows you to add a perfect photo gallery to your website without any tech knowledge and programming skills. This easy to use and install Flash component is a great solution […]

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The CSS3 border-radius property

One of the CSS3 properties designers have been longing the most for is undoubtedly the border-radius property. With CSS3 border-radius property it’s possible to create the so popular rectangles with rounded corners exclusively via CSS – no images needed. Visit […]

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23 Essential HTML 5 Resources

Everyone is excited about the possibilities of HTML 5, but there’s a lot to learn and absorb as well. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of articles to get you started! Visit Source

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