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50 Useful New jQuery Techniques and Tutorials

The simplicity, advanced features and strong support are common arguments for developers preferring jQuery against other JavaScript-frameworks. In fact, jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, with powerful tools that can significantly improve the user’s interaction with Web […]

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Free icons by deviantart users

Here is a collection of free icons from deaviantart users. Some of icons are free only for personal use, other for both, personal and commercial. Enjoy 🙂 Developpers Icons Free web development icons Knob Buttons Toolbar icons Extended set of […]

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30 Clean and Bright Website Designs

Clean and Bright Web Design In this age of increasingly artistic and grungy website design, it can be very refreshing to see designers who keep things simple, yet bold. I’m personally a huge fan of the clean and bright look, […]

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Taming Advanced CSS Selectors

CSS is one of the most powerful tools that is available to web designers (if not the most powerful). With it we can completely transform the look of a website in just a couple of minutes, and without even having […]

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70 Must-Have CSS3 and HTML5 Tutorials and Resources

CSS3 and HTML 5 are capable of revolutionizing the way we design websites. Both include so many new features and functions that it can be hard to wrap your head around them at times. The inclusion of native support for […]

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Building Faster Websites with CSS Sprites

Using CSS sprites allows you to greatly increase your websites speed by using single image files that contain multiple graphics. In other words, when you have many images to be used, instead of having them as different individual files, we […]

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Case Study: How Much Do Rankings Matter?

We’ve heard a lot of speculation lately about the future of rankings – the SERPs are clearly evolving, and what was once a simple list of 10 results has gradually become personalized, localized, and wikified. It begs the question: As […]

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5 CSS3 Design Enhancements That You Can Use Today

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the language of Web design, and the next generation of CSS design properties are just chomping at the bit to be released. Are you eager to start using them, but don’t know where to start? […]

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