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20 Best WordPress Typography Plugins To Enhance Readability | hongkiat

WordPress has pretty decent typography features in the core installation. But there are plenty of areas ripe for improvement. That’s where the plugins below come in. Whether you just want more control over how the basic text on your site […]

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Pure CSS text gradient (no PNGs) | nicewebtype

This tutorial use CSS3 techniques, so it will work only on some latest browsers 🙂 Visit Source

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Browser support for CSS3 and HTML5 | deepbluesky

For now though I thought people mind find it useful to know the state of support in the current browser market. I’ve taken all the A-Grade browsers and tested them one-by-one for their feature support . Needless to say it’s […]

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10 Useful WordPress Coding Techniques | smashingmagazine

Since last year, the WordPress themes market has grown incredibly. The reason? Great designs, of course, but also a lot of amazing new functionality. Top WordPress developers are always looking to get the most out of WordPress and use all […]

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CU3ER – 3D Transitions Image Slider in Flash

CU3ER \kju:bər\, an image slider initially conceived to create 3D transitions between slides, turned out to be a convenient and multifunction solution that can be applied in a range of website building areas, from content slider to feature slider and […]

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How to: CSS Large Background

“Since I posted the huge collection of Large Background Websites, I received several email requests on how to make a large background site with CSS. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share my techniques on designing […]

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Top 10 WordPress plugins to monetize your blog

Making money blogging is a common dream to many bloggers. But sadly, only a few bloggers actually make money from blogging. The fact that you will make money depends of many factors, as such as your site traffic, the quality […]

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SEO Cheat Sheet: Anatomy of A URL

Many SEO topics are like good games – you can learn the basics in a few hours, but really mastering them can take years. One topic that seems simple but that generates a ton of questions here on SEOmoz is […]

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