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Where are the Simple and Clean WooCommerce Themes with no “Feature Bloat” ?

“Typically the trend is to have themes with large effects-heavy sliders, CSS animation effects, animated roll-overs, large background images and so on. While these may look pretty, in reality they are no good for running a functioning eCommerce store as […]

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13 Simple CMS Options |

While there are a lot of powerful and feature-rich content management systems available to choose from, designers often have the need to work on small sites for clients that may only have use for a fraction of the features offered […]

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GetSimple – XML based lite Content Management System

GetSimple is an XML based lite Content Management System. To go along with it’s best-in-class user interface, we have loaded it with features that every website needs, but with nothing it doesn’t. GetSimple is truly the simplest way to manage […]

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Ten Simple Rules for Choosing the Perfect CMS + Excellent Options

The content management system you choose can really make a huge difference in how much time you (or your clients) spend keeping a site updated and maintained. There’s a huge variety out there—some estimates put the number at around 1700 […]

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