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Coding Clean and Semantic Templates | webdesignerwall

“If you are the guy who uses <div> tag for everything, this post is for you. It focuses on how you can write clean HTML code by using semantic markups and minimize the use of <div> tag. Have you ever […]

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5 Simple, But Useful CSS Properties |

“This post is about 5 useful CSS properties that you should be very familiar with, but will most likely rarely use. I’m not talking about the new fancy CSS3 properties. I’m referring to the old CSS2 properties such as: clip, […]

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Smart Columns with CSS & jQuery |

The great thing about having fixed columns in a liquid layout, is that it will fill up the view port with as many columns as it can fit. But as you can see there will be certain viewport resolutions, where […]

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Mega Drop Down Menus w/ CSS & jQuery |

“According to usability expert Jakob Nielson, mega drop down menus tested to be more efficient for large scale websites. I decided to experiment with different ways of implementing this technique and would like to share how I achieved this method.” […]

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How to: CSS Large Background

“Since I posted the huge collection of Large Background Websites, I received several email requests on how to make a large background site with CSS. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share my techniques on designing […]

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Starting with @font-face – via

“I’ve been using Cufón off and on since writing about font embedding back in May. It’s a great hack, but browser progress since that time has been making me feel that the native CSS @font-face rule is becoming increasingly viable. […]

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Negative letter-spacing

I worked today on PSD to XHTML conversions and noticed that, only firefox work well with negative letter-spacing. So, I had to adjust space between letters a little … less than 1 px, so I placed in my css “letter-spacing: […]

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TinyScroller JavaScript Scrollable Div

TinyScroller is a basic scrollable div script at only 1.7KB. It can be used with any HTML and degrades gracefully. The styling is completely customizable through the simple CSS. More features will be coming soon. I have redesigned and […]

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