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Pagination: Best Practices for SEO & User Experience

We’ve been getting a lot of questions in Q+A and on the road at events like last week’s Miva Merchant conference, Online Marketing Summit and the YCombinator conference about how to properly paginate results for search engines. In this post, […]

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Keyword Targeting: How to Employ Multiple Keywords for SEO & Conversions | SEOmoz

At some point during your University’s SEO 201: Advanced Keyword Research & Targeting class, they probably gave a few lectures and case studies on how to effectively split up your keyword research list across multiple pages and use those terms/phrases […]

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8 Predictions for SEO in 2010 | seomoz

“#1 – This Real-Time Search Thing is Outta Here Microsoft initially beat Google to the punch in announcing their integration with Twitter data in their SERPs. And in response, last Monday, Google released what is, in my opinion, an early test […]

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5 Simple Tips for Better SEO Value from Your Feeds | Seomoz

“I’ve been connecting with a lot of site owners who are re-entering or ramping up their efforts in the blogosphere. I suspect this has something to do with the focus on content creation + linkbait in the SEO world’s dialogue […]

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Link Building Has Changed |

“When I first started in SEO, link acquisition was almost always a manual process. I’d search the engines for links that pointed to the competition, find relevant directories and link lists, email relevant sites and beg, borrow or bribe (aka […]

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SEO Cheat Sheet: Anatomy of A URL

Many SEO topics are like good games – you can learn the basics in a few hours, but really mastering them can take years. One topic that seems simple but that generates a ton of questions here on SEOmoz is […]

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Design Trends: The Single Purpose Homepage

This post focuses on a design style that’s both retro (it’s been around a long time) and emerging (the popularity, at least to me, feels like it’s on the rise) – the single-purpose homepage. Is It Good for SEO? It […]

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Case Study: How Much Do Rankings Matter?

We’ve heard a lot of speculation lately about the future of rankings – the SERPs are clearly evolving, and what was once a simple list of 10 results has gradually become personalized, localized, and wikified. It begs the question: As […]

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