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Where are the Simple and Clean WooCommerce Themes with no “Feature Bloat” ?

“Typically the trend is to have themes with large effects-heavy sliders, CSS animation effects, animated roll-overs, large background images and so on. While these may look pretty, in reality they are no good for running a functioning eCommerce store as […]

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How to add Google Analytics tracking code with jQuery

Recently I worked on WordPress site and had to add Google Analytics tracking code to tabs. But tabs was generated via shortcode and tracking code was truncated. So I added it with jQuery. The original code was: So, i’ve used […]

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Why Bootstrap is a bad fit for WordPress Themes by Fränk Klein

Bootstrap was created at Twitter as a tool for back-end developers to easily create interfaces for their applications. Before Bootstrap, various other libraries were used, which resulted in inconsistent and difficult to maintain interfaces. So Bootstrap was created with a […]

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Use CSS Sprites to Beautify your WordPress Post Dates | wpbeginner

Ever wonder how to super style your blog’s post date?  I am going to show you how to do this using CSS sprites in about 18 minutes. Editorial Note: This post is geared toward theme designers. Prior knowledge of CSS […]

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Advanced Power Tips for WordPress Template Developers: Reloaded | smashingmagazine

“Two weeks ago we published the first part of this article, covering multiple column content techniques and associating pages with post content; we discussed how to use the “More”-tag, hide standalone categories from the category list and retain the page […]

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10 Must Have Hacks For WordPress Development

“Building your own wordpress themes will open your eyes to a lot of things, mainly the fact that you’ll be retyping a lot of code over and over and over again. So in this post I am going to show […]

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20 Best WordPress Typography Plugins To Enhance Readability | hongkiat

WordPress has pretty decent typography features in the core installation. But there are plenty of areas ripe for improvement. That’s where the plugins below come in. Whether you just want more control over how the basic text on your site […]

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10 Useful WordPress Coding Techniques | smashingmagazine

Since last year, the WordPress themes market has grown incredibly. The reason? Great designs, of course, but also a lot of amazing new functionality. Top WordPress developers are always looking to get the most out of WordPress and use all […]

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