Here is a collection of free icons from deaviantart users. Some of icons are free only for personal use, other for both, personal and commercial. Enjoy 🙂

Developpers Icons

Developpers Icons by Sekkyumu

Free web development icons

Free web development icons by kurumizawa

Knob Buttons Toolbar icons

Knob Buttons Toolbar icons by iTweek

Extended set of social icons

Extended set of social icons by Tydlinka

Free icons 3

Free icons 3 by Andy3ds

Social media icons

Social media icons by plechi

Web Application Icons Set

Web Application Icons Set by yingjunjiu

Web social icons

Web social icons by NarjisNaqvi


Aquaticus.Social by jwloh

Basic set

Basic set by prokofusha

2 Cute Twitter Icons – Free

2 Cute Twitter Icons - Free by jeeremie