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The Basics of CSS3 | webdesignerwall

Last week I posted a CSS3 dropdown menu and someone complained that I didn’t explain the CSS code in detail. Well, here is a post on the basics of the new properties: text-shadow, box-shadow, and border-radius. These CSS3 properties are […]

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Pagination: Best Practices for SEO & User Experience

We’ve been getting a lot of questions in Q+A and on the road at events like last week’s Miva Merchant conference, Online Marketing Summit and the YCombinator conference about how to properly paginate results for search engines. In this post, […]

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CSS bar charts—styling data with CSS3 and progressive enhancement

Bar charts in CSS are neither very new, or very difficult. Using some pretty basic styling you can force lists etc into resembling graphs and charts fairly easily. Such charts, in their most basic form, work perfectly well in displaying […]

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Button Height and a Broken Box Model

When I figured out the workaround for line-heights in form buttons last week, I also discovered an interesting discrepancy (feature?) across all major browsers in terms of buttons and the box model. Check out this article for a more in-depth […]

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Adaptable view – how do they do it?

Adaptable view is a user interface design pattern which you can use to allow users to manually change visual appearance of content in order to fit their needs. This is usually done by switching styles (in web sites and applications). This […]

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We’re Ready for CSS3, but are we Ready for CSS3?

We’re Ready for CSS3, but are we Ready for CSS3? We’re all smitten with CSS3. It’s reinvigorated that sense of newness that CSS and Web Standards brought our way just a few years ago. We’re able to more easily replicate […]

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CSS3 Techniques You Should Know | sixrevisions

Many of you have probably heard all the buzz around CSS3, but exactly which techniques can we use today? In this article I’ll show you some different CSS3 techniques that work great in some of the leading browsers (i.e. Firefox, […]

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Forgotten CSS selectors

Anyone who has been using CSS for any length of time has probably been frustrated by the lack of selector support in Internet Explorer 6. There are quite a lot of cases where a CSS 2.1 selector will let you […]

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