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Forgotten CSS selectors

Anyone who has been using CSS for any length of time has probably been frustrated by the lack of selector support in Internet Explorer 6. There are quite a lot of cases where a CSS 2.1 selector will let you […]

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Free Vector Social Media Icons | icondock

This free set includes 50 icons of the most popular social media networks on the internet. The icons are designed in 32px and 16px vector format. With the vector format, you can scale the icon to any size to fit […]

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Use CSS Sprites to Beautify your WordPress Post Dates | wpbeginner

Ever wonder how to super style your blog’s post date?  I am going to show you how to do this using CSS sprites in about 18 minutes. Editorial Note: This post is geared toward theme designers. Prior knowledge of CSS […]

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Keyword Targeting: How to Employ Multiple Keywords for SEO & Conversions | SEOmoz

At some point during your University’s SEO 201: Advanced Keyword Research & Targeting class, they probably gave a few lectures and case studies on how to effectively split up your keyword research list across multiple pages and use those terms/phrases […]

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75+ Top jQuery Plugins to improve Your HTML Forms

jQuery makes it easier and simpler to provide your users with high quality, dynamic, good looking and intuitive input forms. This post lists some of the best available in different categories; “Form Element Visual Enhancements”, “Form Element Data Validation and […]

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10 Best Tutorials To Learn CSS3 | aext

In the last few years, web design has improved significantly. There are so many tutorials out there to increase the skills capacity web designers and web developers. Some popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari already supported some CSS3 properties, and […]

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13 Simple CMS Options | designm.ag

While there are a lot of powerful and feature-rich content management systems available to choose from, designers often have the need to work on small sites for clients that may only have use for a fraction of the features offered […]

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15 useful jQuery plugins and tutorials | designer-daily

The variety of plugins and tutorials available for jQuery never cease to amaze me. I’ve been looking for some new plugins for an ongoing project, so I extended my research a bit to share these cool jQuery plugins with you. […]

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