“We are certainly at an interesting point in time with the web. There are new techniques being created every day, and as developers, we have the privilege of deciding how and when to use them. I’m the new guy at Viget (only been here a few weeks), and every company is different, so it is interesting adapting to Viget’s standards. Some companies utilize progressive enhancement more than others, and I love that we utilize it when we can.

One big item for me is how much we use CSS3. Yes I know, it is not fully supported across all browsers. If you still want everything to look exactly the same across all browsers, you should probably just close this article and not read about CSS for another 10 years. A user is not going to pull up your site in two different browsers to compare the experience, so they won’t even know what they are missing. Just because something is not fully supported, that does not mean that we can’t use it to an extent. In this article I’ll show you some practical uses for CSS3.”

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