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Smoother @font-face embedding in IE 7 & 8

You could say I’ve become somewhat obsessed with @font-face embedding over the past few months. I’ve most certainly fell head over heels for the @font-face generator from (see the recap below). One thing however that has always bothered me […]

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@font-face-off: Typekit vs. Font Squirrel

Now that the curtain has come down and now Typekit is available to all, let’s see how Typekit and the previously mentioned Font Squirrel stack up head-to-head. Visit Source

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20 Best WordPress Typography Plugins To Enhance Readability | hongkiat

WordPress has pretty decent typography features in the core installation. But there are plenty of areas ripe for improvement. That’s where the plugins below come in. Whether you just want more control over how the basic text on your site […]

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20 Awesome and Free Fonts for Web Designers (Serif Family)

If you are looking some awesome and exciting new fonts then you search ends here. In this post I’m sharing a bunch of some new and exciting fonts for web designers and desktop publishers (for printing). The following list covers […]

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