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How to add Google Analytics tracking code with jQuery

Recently I worked on WordPress site and had to add Google Analytics tracking code to tabs. But tabs was generated via shortcode and tracking code was truncated. So I added it with jQuery. The original code was: So, i’ve used […]

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Adaptable view – how do they do it?

Adaptable view is a user interface design pattern which you can use to allow users to manually change visual appearance of content in order to fit their needs. This is usually done by switching styles (in web sites and applications). This […]

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75+ Top jQuery Plugins to improve Your HTML Forms

jQuery makes it easier and simpler to provide your users with high quality, dynamic, good looking and intuitive input forms. This post lists some of the best available in different categories; “Form Element Visual Enhancements”, “Form Element Data Validation and […]

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15 useful jQuery plugins and tutorials | designer-daily

The variety of plugins and tutorials available for jQuery never cease to amaze me. I’ve been looking for some new plugins for an ongoing project, so I extended my research a bit to share these cool jQuery plugins with you. […]

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15+22 jQuery Image Slideshow/Slider Tutorials and Plugins for Your Next Projects

Nowadays, using jQuery effects is getting increasingly popular within web templates and if you check some of new designed themes on themeforest , you probably can’t find a popular theme without any kind of jQuery effects. One of those effects […]

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Smart Columns with CSS & jQuery |

The great thing about having fixed columns in a liquid layout, is that it will fill up the view port with as many columns as it can fit. But as you can see there will be certain viewport resolutions, where […]

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Mega Drop Down Menus w/ CSS & jQuery |

“According to usability expert Jakob Nielson, mega drop down menus tested to be more efficient for large scale websites. I decided to experiment with different ways of implementing this technique and would like to share how I achieved this method.” […]

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